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Faded Red – Killing The Beast lyrics

You better watch yourself
Because I’m done with the pain and the lies
I better watch myself
Because your beauty brings tears to my eyes
I need to get you away from me
I need you here so I can feel free
I need a second to think but you’re making it hard

CHORUS: (You’re bringing me down) I am more than just a punching bag
(I’m sorting it out) and I won’t allow my feet to drag
(So don’t make a sound) or I’ll shoot you in the head*
I’m never going to let you win
(I will never be) someone who cracks and gives into it
(I’m going to be free) but I won’t forget the shit you did
(I’m taking the lead) and I’m never going to quit
Because I can’t afford to let you win

It was the worst of times
You were such a mistake from the start
It was the best of times
You immediately stole my heart
I’ll never let you be near again
I’ll keep you close, you’re my only friend
I need a second to think but you’re making it hard!


You’re never going to make me die alone
You’re never going to take me from what I’ve known
You’re never going to break me or wreck my home
You’re never going to make me die alone



I’m never going to ever die alone

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