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EZRATO – Chills lyrics

The silence hit me all around
Your laughter's absent in the sound
Writing letters is a bore
When you're not talking anymore
No more

Now I'm
Getting bogged down in the snow
Of memories that never go
I'll run away to neverland
Seems like that's my only plan
Without you now

Restless nights
Frozen hearts
This dream is eating me up
Breathing in
Addicted to our past

I don't know
Where you're at
Or if you've even moved on
But when I
Hear your voice
You'll know I'll never forget

Make a scene
Make a sound
Remind me you're still alive
I know that
I'm a fool
But I have hardly survived

Drowning in
Oceans deep
Your my Achilles heel
But this fight's
Worth the fight
Cause you're giving me

Waist deep in
Thoughts of how this could end
Should I be real
Or should I maybe pretend

Riding nostalgia
Eventually kills
But I don't care
Cause it's giving me chills

Cause it's giving me chills
Cause you're giving me chills
Cause it's giving me chills
Cause you're giving me chills

This lonely soul
Needs your potion to heal
So please come back
Cause you're giving me chills

Yeah you're giving me chills

Pages from our life are torn
I'm treading lightly in the storm
Winter's here and all the same
I might not see the season change

Holding on
Whispers of what could be
Drenched in my
Tears of doubt
Or unfounded mysteries

I realize
You don't see
You've been missing so long
But I want
You to know
That I'm righting my wrongs

Hopeless hearts
Passing by
When I know you're the one
Take my hand
I don't scar
I just wanna have fun

I'll look to
Your brown eyes
And yet you remain still
Take a chance
Hold me close
Let's give each other

Yeah you're giving me chills

Yeah you're giving me chills

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