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EXO-K – Baby Don't Cry lyrics

Deoneun mangseoriji ma jebal nae simjangeul geodueo ga
Geurae nalkaroulsurok joha dalbit jochado nuneul gameun bam
Na anin dareun namjayeotdamyeon huigeuk anui han gujeorieotdeoramyeon
Neoui geu saranggwa bakkun sangcheo modu taewobeoryeo

Baby don’t cry tonight eodumi geochigo namyeon
Baby don’t cry tonight eobseotdeon iri doel geoya
Mulgeopumi doeneun geoseun nega aniya kkeutnae mollaya haetdeon
So baby don’t cry cry nae sarangi neol jikil teni

Ojik seororeul hyanghaeinneun unmyeongeul jugo bada
Eotgallil su bakke eomneun geu mankeum deo saranghaesseumeul nan ara
When you smile, sun shines
Eoneoran teuren chae mot dameul challan
On mame pado chyeo
Buseojyeo naerijanha oh

Baby don’t cry tonight pokpungi morachineun bam [Baekhyun}(u~ haneuri muneojil deut)
Baby don’t cry tonight jogeumeun eoullijanha
Nunmulboda challanhi bitnaneun I sungan neoreul bonaeya haetdeon
So baby don’t cry cry nae sarangi gieokdoel teni

Eodukeomkeomhan gotongui geuneul wi ibyeorui munteoge naega muchamhi
Neomeojyeodo geumajeodo neol wihaeseoramyeon gamdanghal teni
Uh, daesin nareul julge birok nal moreuneun neoege
Don't cry, tteugeoun nunmulbodan chadichan useumeul boyeojwo baby,

[D.O & Chanyeol]
Say no more (baby) no more (don't cry)
Jebal mangseorijineun marajwo mulgeopumi doel geu challa
Say no more (baby) no more (don't cry)
Nunbusin sarameuro nameul su itge charari geu kallo nal taewojwo

Ne nun soge gadeuk cha oreuneun dalbit woo~
Sori eobsi gotong soge heulleo neomchineun I bam

Baby don’t cry tonight eodumi geochigo namyeon
Baby don’t cry tonight eobseotdeon iri doel geoya
Mulgeopumi doeneun geoseun nega aniya kkeutnae mollaya haetdeon
So baby don’t cry cry nae sarangi neol jikil teni

Ireun haessari noga naerinda
darmeun nunbusimi naerinda
irheun nae nuneun ijeya cry cry cry

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Baby Don't Cry meanings

  • i
    Izzah Ideris
    This song makes me cry, cry and cry. Oh I am really in love with this song :) I thought I was flying when I heard this beautiful song. The combination of Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol and D. O is really awesome. I really can't stop hitting the "replay" button on my lappy. It sounds so peaceful. And this song really makes me calm and peace. Hope exo will rock my heart forever. Exo Hwaiting! :)
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  • u
    The lyrics were an inspiration from the original story of The Little Mermaid.

    When the mermaid turns 15, she falls in love with a prince whom she rescued. The Little Mermaid, longing for the prince and an eternal soul, eventually visits the Sea Witch, who sells her a potion that gives her legs, in exchange for her tongue. The Sea Witch warns, however, that once she becomes a human, she will never be able to return to the sea. In addition, she will only get a soul if she finds true love’s kiss and if the prince loves her and marries her, for then a part of his soul will flow into her. Otherwise, at dawn on the first day after he marries another woman, the Little Mermaid will die brokenhearted and disintegrate into sea foam.

    Despite their love for each other, the prince and princess marry, and the Little Mermaid’s heart breaks. She thinks of all that she has given up and of all the pain she has suffered. She despairs, thinking of the death that awaits her, but before dawn, her sisters bring her a knife that the Sea Witch has given them in exchange for their long hair. If the Little Mermaid slays the prince with the knife and lets his blood drip on her feet, she will become a mermaid again, all her suffering will end and she will live out her full life.

    But, she couldn’t bring herself to kill the prince. The prince notices and so because he loves the mermaid so much, he tells the mermaid to kill him instead. Even if she kills him, his love will still always protect the little mermaid for life.
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  • l
    Last December 2014 something bad came up in my life, I really want to gave up that time and my stress reliever are sad, slow songs, so I searched in the net for some. I am not a certified K-Popper but because of this song and Miracles in December also, I became one, when I searched for its English Trans, the song is like talking to me. This song really gives me goosebumps whenever I'm listening to it.
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