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EXO – My Answer lyrics

[Baekhyun] Nan ganghaeboyeodo utgo isseodo honjail ttaega manha
Neul geokjeonghana eopseo boyeodo hal mari manha
[D.O] Cheom bon sungan neomuna kkeullyeoseo
Igeotjeogeot jaeji mothago malhaesseo

[Baekhyun] The answer is you~ My answer is you~
[Suho] Nae modeungeol da boyeojwo bwasseo
You are my everything neomu hwaksinhaeseo

[D.O] Jom deo josimhalgeol nal deo akkilgeol nae mam dachiji anke
Sum meomchwobeoril geot gateun ireon gibun na cheoeumingeol
[Baekhyun] Meorissogen ontong ne saenggangman neoui pyojeong useumsoriga deullyeo

[Suho] The answer is you ([D.O] That is you)
My answer is you ([D.O] Only you)
[Baekhyun] Nae modeungeol da boyeojwo bwasseo
You are my everything neomu hwaksinhaeseo

[Suho] Gidaryeotdan mal hanmadi na haji mothae sseugo jiune
[D.O] Neoui harul gunggeumhae haneun ge naui haruui jeonbuingeol

[Baekhyun] Gidarilge You You You mam yeoreojwo You You
[D.O] Nado nae mam eojjeol suga eopseo
You are my everything yeongwonhalge My love

(Oh I’m nothing)
[Baekhyun] Tteonajima geunyang ne gyeoteman itge haejwo
([D.O] Geunyang ne gyeoteman itge haejwo)
[Baekhyun] Amuri saenggakhaedo ([Suho] Oh it’s you)
[Suho/Baekhyun] Nan neoraseo
[Baekhyun] It’s you It’s you

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