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Exhumed – Casketcrusher lyrics

[musick & lyrixxx - Matt Harvey, 1998]

Tombstones trampled in my wake, As I see to a matter quite grave, The earth is
Turned as my claim is staked, Besoiling my pickaxe, trowel and stave, Caskets
Pounded and splintered "til they bust, Flesh, bone and casket give way, It
Smashes to ashes, crushed to dust, Shattering the decrepit grip of decay...
(chorus) Decrypt, casket crusher, Defile, casket crusher, Destroy, casket
Crusher, Decrypt, casket crusher, Defile, casket crusher, Destroy, casket
Crusher, Crush, fucking casket crusher... Disinterred from the soil, To
Bludgeon, trash and wreck, This rotted mortal coil, Wrapped tight around your
Neck, The seal is shattered in one fell blow, The splintering wood crumbling
In shards, Driven into the stiff decaying below, The rigors (mortis) of death
Can be hard... chorus... When falls the hammer into the grave, So to will the
Thorax collapse, Inward the ribcage and sternum doth cave, Heart, lungs and
Aorta prolapse, Shattered sarcophagus driven through your groin, Skewered anus
Now in shreds, Shards of pine pierce your rotten loins, So utterly fucking
Dead... chorus...

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