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Every Day Life (edl) – Residence lyrics

The place where you were born is now the place that you dwell
And what you call a home others call a living hell
Just because of where you live they say you're an object middle class down town mansion or in a project no matter what the cities' done has it really run dry
The town where my grandma grew up is where she'll die
We all have to put the roots down somewhere
The people that move around from year to year just don't care
Your kids need to know that the house is a home sweet home to break it down the thought is detrimental to the dome in the brain stem where the thoughts cause the hesitance
But home is where you hang your hat - A. K. A. Your residence

Residence- the place in which you dwell from a living hell is a residence!

The place where you grew up is just around the corner from the park
Just too bad now that they can't go out after dark
Because the kids are shooting up the town every single day a gallery of moving targets when you send your kids to play and that is sad to me in fact I give it mass pity
The place where you grew up as a kid is not the same city
The parents job is to give the kids the precedence
Leave this town you need a new residence

Residence-the place in which you dwell from a living hell a residence.

Roots are your home don't deny
New ideas are worth a try
In regards what's wrong or right
Man can do this flee or fight pride is ok
But understand no true person is superman your domain is future tense
Your environment your residence

Residence-the place in which you dwell from a living hell a residence

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