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Evergrey – Still In The Water lyrics

We're still in the water
It's getting harder to breathe
I've started counting the seconds
There's been no light here for a week
My only comfort has silenced
I just thought she was asleep
Her breathing stopped forever
And it's leaving me
Thinking I will never leave these waters
But I feel that life is leaving me
Thinking he will never ever free me
I'm stuck forever in a dream...

I'm caught forever in a dream...

How can I save myself from apocalypse?
How can I change his ways into thinking different?
Can I gain his trust and confidence?
I just need a minute of his common sense
If he'd only say my name
Cause to him we're all the same
In this world where he's king and deserving fame
We're his personal belongings
Asimple way to ease the lust
I have heard himself reason
And it sheds my hope to dust

And I should never
Why would I ever?
Let myself he held prisoned forever
They must have wanted to
Or maybe been talked into
Joining darkness forever

If he'd only say my name
Cause to him we're all the same
All the same and deserving fame
We're his personal belongings
A simple way to ease the lust

We're still in the water...

He said forever and screamed never
He promised god to love her now and forever
Time will change her
His laws will break her
Only to make her more pure and better
And now she's crying
No more denying
Asking forgiveness for the time
She's been lying
Nothing can harm us
We're made in heaven
I promised god to love you
... Now and forever...

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