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Even Rude – Juicy... lyrics

I'm so afraid-but that's the price I pay
Of what I might do-I'm scared of doin' you
I know me so well-shit is going swell
I might surprise you.

When there's people around telling you what to do,
You like to keep them around, they're keepin' the pressure of you.
After living a lie, your heart, it just might explode.
You're walkin' the walk every day, but you're a bitch at home.
For the fact of the matter, look at the book in the bench.
Check the pages of time, you'll see that all men lynch - you.

And it's only time-and you were on my mind
That stays on your side-I'll put you in my ride
Since I was young-and I was under tongue
I hated your kind.

It's the sound of the breathing, I live with it every day.
It's the last thing you'll hear before your "up up and away."
Wipe your own slate clean and walk alone or in pairs.
You'll make a slinkity sound, when I through your ass down the stairs.
It's a long way home for mortal hell bound.
You'll be on your way, when I see you slippin' around.


You were so hard to raise, and such an ugly baby. Where did you get such rage?

And I do what I do, because I hate myself - I close my eyes.
And I won't be saved, not by anyone else - In the face of hate.
You can't scare me straight, because I know no fear - I spit in the wind.
And you can show me all your shit but check it, I'm still here.

I've gone cold - shakin' the faith in my friends and watching the rest get old.

I sleep sound - layin on my guilt, the filth is poking around Blow me down - cause I've been getting my strength and eatin' my smile with a frown.


When he's taller - I'm gonna take it to the stage man
When he's taller - I'm gonna let loose all my rage man.
When he's taller - I'm gonna put it in your face kid.
When he's taller - I'm gonna try to rearrange it.

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