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Even Rude – Jive Turkey lyrics

Oh... Tears of the day?

What runs the world but cash, when I'm rich I'll be the mack
There's a hole in heart, try to fix it where to start
I'm just a two faced little son, filling all the little holes
Thinking only of myself, trying to regain my control.

-you keep saying you don't believe that I'm fine

I'm fine, when you see me I'm fine

Well I don't need you-you think I do-you better listen, I couldn't |
Care less-that's just the truth-cause I been lifting all this|
Weight-somehow got put on-and I been laying it on|
Fate, but I was so wrong--Mutha fucker I can|
Taste, the shit you're trying, and I'm not gonna let you|
Waste it, with your fuckin' lying, then you try to tell me|
Down and I have to laugh, and check myself cause look| Around...

I'm on a housequake, disco boat ride, not the savior of lost souls
And if I cannot fuck you outside, than I will not take you home.
I'm just my mommies little boy, writing my name in the snow
Head a little underdone, cooking it a little more.

-you keep saying you don't believe that I'm fine

I'm fine, when you see me I'm fine
I'm fine-I'm where I ought to be
I'm fine-That's not what you see
I'm fine-there's nothing left to say
And there's nothing left to do

-break (you keep saying, you don't believe that I'm...)

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