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Ethereal Pandemonium – The Children Of The Carpatian Woods (Werewolf Monarchy) lyrics

[Music by Nathuruss, lyrics by Vidar]

The kingdom Siebenburgen opens
Spreads it's shade 'cross Carpathian night,
Nocturnal howling from the distance,
In the woods sparkling dimmed lights,
The Children of the night now gather,
Expect their feast of flesh and blood,
Escort the carriage on it's way to darkness,
Darkness named after Dracul Vlad...

Illusions of mortal kind, Symphonies of desires blind,
I offer thee an everlasting life for draught of nectar from the veins of thine,
Obsessed with the brightest candle shine cherish Satan's whores and the reddest wine...
Thy blood is what I desire most,
I am the virus and thou art my host...

The Children of the Carpathian Woods...
Spread his spell across the land
The Children of the Carpathian Woods...
In the Yearning thoughts remain.

Shadows dance 'pon the walls of the castle
As Luna comes 'rom'hind the clouds,
The embrace of a werewolf, freezing winter,
Silence thrills as moonlight children cry...
In expectations of the Winter Solstice
Howling arias to the Queen of Doom
Ethereal spirit disappears with the new dawn
Knowing that the twilight shall come soon...


The Children of the Carpathian Woods...
Genocide in the Wolverine breed
The Children of the Carpathian Woods...
Sow the true Carpathian seed.

Shining brighter than Sirius, my spirit comes to thee...

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