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Esham – My 9 Rhymes lyrics

Born beat up and always hungry
Never thought I'd turn into a criminal if anything
Runnin from the cops like Al Capone
Goin Rambo on them mother fuckers like Sly Stallone
Got a gat in my pants like it's part of my belt
Suckers scared like butter so they start to melt
I stand silent like concrete in Detroits streets
What a rich man throws away is what a poor man eats
When I was 5 my mind start to blow
Told my teacher I want to be like Hitler when I grow up
When I was 7 disregarded the laws of heaven
I went to church on Sunday and I cussed out the reverand
When I was 10 I started commiting sin
Witchcraft and voodoo with needles and pins
When I became an adolescent I never learned my lesson
Puttin holes in mother fuckers with a fuckin smith and wesson
A homicidal vital recital Esham my title
I know my shit is deaf and I know you want a bite oh
But no don't do it you'll be just a carbon copy
Esham is original and everyone else is sloppy
Still I kill I'm sweet like Sugar Hill
Not your average everyday elemantry run of the mill
Mother fucker get it strait I don't battle that's for suckers
You wish you was down with Reel Life Product aint that right brothers
I don't bullshit no need to bullshit
You pull some shit and you'll be pullin bullets n shit
Brother think I'm bluffin pull me bluff and get fucked up and
Its time for me to shut up cus I really said enough

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