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Esham – How Do I Plead To Homicide? lyrics

And they pull him out the gurney, and he said,
I heard the album.
I heard that goddamn white album.
Why don't we do it the road?
What do you think he was sayin' man?
No one will be watchin' us!
And you're sittin' there goin', It's a fuckin' album!
Six in the mornin' police at my door,
Dead body on the floor, from the night before.
I called it a murder rap, cuz I bust a cap in the car,
Left the body stinkin' on the bathroom floor.
Out the back door, cops seen who done it,
One homicide, so one man's wanted.
Apb 187 suspect on the flee,
Six in the mornin', and homicide I plea.
They say her body's mutilated, can't get a id,
Cuz I shot her in face, and took a hammer and bust out her teeth.
Now I'm on the run, with a gun and a sledge hammer,
Thinkin' to myself, I'd be dead if I'm in the slammmer.
Ran down a dead end street, here comes the heat,
Next thing I know, I have my face in the concrete.
Now I got a court date, all the way up state.
Prosecutin' attorney wait for my fate,
Thirty questions are asked, and thirty answers are lies,
And as the judge and jury look on, how do I plead to homicide.
Time keeps on slippin', slippin'
You were on acid, Manson!
Time keeps on slippin', slippin'
Don't you hear what he's sayin, man, hey, hey, it was the monkies.
Time keeps on slippin', slippin'
And all I was thinkin' was murder one.
Time keeps on slippin', slippin'
Yo, man, if I go to jail, I go to jail.
As I approach the bench my shackles drag across the floor,
Where were you on the night of question?
At the liquor store.
They wanted me to tell the truth and nothing but the truth,
I'll tell the truth only if you got proof.
They ask me this, they ask me that,
Then they switch the stuff up, and ask the same shit right back.
But I got my shit together,
I'm too clever.
Have you ever worshipped the devil?
No, never. I said it once, I said it twice,
I said it three times,
Then they pulled out my file, and found all sorts of crimes.
The victim's parents said the cops should have killed me,
They ask me how do I plead,
I say not guilty.
They get angry, they wanna hang me,
They call me the devil, and throw holy water upon me.
Order in the court, it's gettin' out of hand,
They got a eye witness and she's about to take the stand.
Now I start to panic, the truth and my lies collide,
How do I plead to homicide.
Doo doot doot doo doo
Yeah guilty.
Doo doot doot doo doo
Personally, Esham, I think the black mother fucker is guilty.
Doo doot doot doo doo
Guilty, Guilty, Guilty.
I have this paper here, fuck it man,
I'm innocent goddam it.
Doo doot doot doo doo
All them kids listenin' to that goddamn Esham.
Fuck it, why don't we just electricute his ass
Doo doot doot doo doo
Yeah, let's do that shit, fuck his hoe ass,
You know what I'm sayin, guilty!
The ninth witness to the stand said she saw me burnin' candles,
The she heard a shot, and my hand was behind this handle.
She seen blood-n-guts, and called the cops so,
And when they came brain fried was all over the room.
The judge and jury lookin' at me, like guilty,
Then one jumped and said, filthy bastard.
I'm like damn, can I get a goddamn break?
How much shit can one black man take?
But the judge is black and jury is too,
All them lookin' at you know who.
They ask me why did I do it, I said fuck you.
Show me a throat, and I'ma cut the throat.
I said the killing was a satanic ritual,
Then they call me a sick individual.
I drop my head, and try to plead insanity.
Your, Honor, as you can see, he is a threat to humanity.
With no emotion in my face, I saw her family cry,
And since I'm guilty that's how I plead to homicide.
Time keeps on slippin', doo doot doo doo,
Laid back like a dead fly.
Time keeps on slippin', doo doot doo doo.
It ain't no thang.
Time keeps on slippin', doo doot doo doo.
Time keeps on slippin', doo doot doo doo.
Time keeps on slippin', doo doot doo doo.
Time keeps on slippin', doo doot doo doo.
Burn, I only got nine years left.
Tick tock, doo doot doo doo
Tick tock, doo doot doo doo

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