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Esham – Hit And Run lyrics

(two girls talkin)
Girl 1: Girl there go that motherfucker Esham.
Girl 2: Hell gia.
Girl 1: Girl he fucked me and betty and told
Everybody about that shit girl.

I once knew a bitch by the name of Jill
I used to fuck her everyday cuz she was on the pill
I didn't wear no rubber or no type of protection
Cuz the bitch was straight down in the mid-section
Now Jill had a problem with her big mouth
Tellin all her fuckin friends how I bust her out
And then her friend named Betty
Tole me she was ready to get fucked
A nigga like me said "What's up bitch?"
I got a jimmy hat, she said "Gimme that"
Next thing ya know, I'm fuckin her from the back
I bent her over made her touch her toes
Then this bitch had nut on her clothes
Damn I gotta go, so I'm out the backdoor
The booty was kinda tight so my dick was kinda sore
Bitch got shot with the bop gun
Cuz when I'm in the pussy it's a hit and run.

(scratchin and cuttin)

I met this bitch on the strip
Real big booty and big lips
I spit game and I didn't even know her name but
She's a ho and a ho's kinda lame
So I said "Lemme hit the pussy one time"
She said "Nigga is you out your mind"
I said "Baby, baby wait a minute, don't act ill, I just wanna
Stick it in and see how it feel I promise I'll take it out."
But when I got up in that ass that bitch couldnt live without
I started pushin and pullin
And fuckin and humpin
Yo, let me tell you somthin
Then I called the ho the wrong name (wassup Jill)
But I don't give a fuck cuz it's just another dope dame
That bitch got shot with the bop gun
Cuz when I'm in the pussy it's a hit and run

(scratchin and cuttin)

This dick of mine is like an automobile
Crashin in your pussy and it's out to kill
I'm that nigga your mom's warned you about
Gimme the pussy and I'ma turn you out
I don't eat pussy cuz I aint with that
But if you got a pussy I'd like to hit that
Let a nun suck my dick if she wanted to
Take my dick out the mouth
And then I'd really love to cum on you
Hit the pussy like a preist gone bad
I hold the dick that your girlfriend had
Bitches know me, bitches blow me
Bitches put they lips on my dick like a O.E.
Then take a big sip, then I nut on the lip
Back to the motherfuckin flow show
Esham's in the house tellin you how the show go
Bitches get shot with the bop gun
Cuz when I'm in the pussy it's a hit and run.

(scratchin and cuttin)
(Esham gettin head and leavin)

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