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Esham – Get On Down lyrics

(Dj talking)
Now rockin with the best, so I'd advise all you brothas to get on down, I said get on down, get yo ass on down.

I don't give a god damn about radio play
Cuz I do what I wanna do anyway
I can slit my wrists if I wanna
By the time I get to Arizona
I'm not from L. A. Or New York
I chill in Detroit, on the sidewalk
City slicka, drink a little liquor
Wanna see a trick? Suck my dick
B-Boy, down for my town
Some just love the way it sound
Call me the B-D
The Unholy Esham's crankin out your cd
Man that's sweet
Beat's get broke but I still rock break beats
Call me some kinda fool
When I was ten I got kicked outta Sunday school
The reverend don't like me
He said 3 times, 3 times, 3 times, 2 is me
666 man, they callin me a sick man
But I just kick jams
Make ya say amen, I gotta G-E-T... D-O-W-N

(Dj talking)
Get on down mothafuckas to the cool rockin mello sounds of the Unholy, so I want everybody to just get on down.

Pump that shit up
You could die, and I really wouldn't give a fuck
I honestly can say
I don't give a fuck bout nothin but get paid
Take it how you wanna take it
Money, make it how you wanna make it
I'm not frontin on the facts man
It's just like that
Flip them burgers or flip them cracks
Cuz it really doesnt't't matter to me
My pockets gettin fatter you see
Fuck this and fuck that
I lay my beats down on an I'll track
Make you wanna bite it like a cookie
Suckas on the mic just rookies
Kick that acid, drop it on your tounge
Or just pass it to get on down

(Dj talking)
Get down, get on down

Hold up, wait a god damn minute
After I fuck this beat I'm a nut in it
I'm droppin no babies jack
No if, and's, or but's or maybe's jack
I fuck beats all day
Nut in the speaker so it bumps the right way
Call me Unholy
Holy I'm not, cross me and get shot
Motherfuck a preacher
Fuck college, without dollars they don't teach ya
Shit but how to be broke
And when ya get broke it's all just a big joke
Their all gonna laugh at ya
And tell ya black ass to go back to Africa
Your nothin but a fuckin clown
What your funky ass needs to do is just get on down

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