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Esham – Devil's Groove lyrics

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
And if I die before I wake
I pray the lord my soul to take
Crazy convict don't take no shit
Since age 13 I was ill-legitimate
Add a bottle of homicide crazy ass suicide
Suck a muthafuckin pussy dream and I died
Back from a hell raid done wit your dead days
No one listens to what the devil say
But I'm smooth like Satan and I was waitin
For another death so breath your last breath
I'm a psychopath crazy muthafucka laugh
At a funeral tell me do you know
Any other brother any other that can get some
Say his name and there'll be another victim
See words can't describe the pain you'll feel
You can't imagine it cause death's real
A homicidal vital recital was my title
Got a serious psychological problem death's my idol
Crucifix of tricks and black magic
A brotha named Esham trapped in traffic
The devil's my boy and satan's my son and gun
Load it up and ready so that you don't want none
Shoot you in the back like Billy the Kid
Talk about takin me out shit
Better put your dukes up 'fore you get fucked up
Crucified ya mama so what so what
So what you gonn' do take revenge like a brotha man
And get fucked up like your motha man
Bad ass brotha with the mind of the devil
Maximum over drive tryin to stay alive
I sold the devil my soul for gold the story is told I'm the exorcist yo
Brothas and brothas who died comitted suicided
Reel life pimped the muthafucka so another homicide
Fetus my trademark rhymes leave the blaze marks
Reel life Product. Was down from the start
Sacrifice your life tonight wit a knife
Pray to hell and give the devil your life
See many of you muthafuckas don't understand it see
How long can you listen to 1 man's insanity
Prophecy the dead has a rosen
The devil is dead and 1 man is chosen
Believe the dead is killed blood she'd
So much blood she'd he painted the town red
My mind is evil evil's inside my mind
The devils' gonna get ya it's just a matter of time
Go to sleep and never wake up
Your dreams a nightmare
The witch was ridin your back I was there
But you was turned into stone and stuck in eternal place
And put you in the shadow of a dead man's face
666 crucifix hell's the fire on the candle sticks
This is the devil's groove the dance floor's bloody
Police you said are often as slutty
Go commit suiicide another homicide stupid
(The devil's groove) 4x
Now I'm rested god blessed kings
(laughs until song fades)

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