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E.S.G. & Slim Thug – Here We Come lyrics

[Hook x2]
Here we come here we come, here we come through the do'
Here we come here we come, they can't stop us no mo'
Two thugs bout to explode, dropping low
We the shit huh, somebody blunt you come on

[Slim Thug]
I'm nineteen on 20's, every time I floss
I'm nineteen in the clean, quarter million dollar house
I hit the club and pour mo', like the drank don't cost
Got smart left the House, just so I could be boss
I wasn't hating I just know, I can do what Watts do
Probably not dropping screwed, but I can lead my own crew
Sign a contract with who, for what, and why
I wanna be a ceo, and I got enough cash to try
If I fail oh well, I'm still gon make mail
Cause tapes, cd's and lp's, ain't the only thing that sell
When niggaz capping I don't shut up, I can add to that
Not Lil Troy but Slim Thug, gon stay sitting fat
I'm a underground Hogg, you better ask somebody
I'm a young Hogg that ball, you better ask somebody
When its time to get my grind on, I grind
But when its time to get my shine on, I shine

[Hook x2]

[E. S. G.]
Now who really the best, since Pac ain't here
Must be E. S. G., so when I drop this year
Now Lil D I bring fear, and my drop sitting low
I'm on my twins on swoll, like Scottie Pippen hoes
While we stepping on some toes, we keep the contract
Don't give a damn where I'm at, I can tote a label on my back
Somebody say we too young, to do our own thang
Ain't no ways to get paid, we bout to raise some hair mayn
Hey the world swanging man, I'm a bad actor dog
This year I'm a Boss Hogg, better check my catalog
Went gold with Master P, on Down South Hustlers
Two hundred thousand independent, Sailing the South little busta
Up to the park what's crunk, I was Shining and Grinding
Dirty Third, sitting emcees got no need for reminding
Who's the man, cause this is my year cuz
Can't get with it, better get some bullet proof filled blood

[Hook x2]

[E. S. G.]
From Texas to Louisiana

[Slim Thug]
We got 'em jumping to this

[E. S. G.]
Smell like somebody lost they manners

[Slim Thug]
Oh that suck, we the shit

[E. S. G.]
You wanna know if we rich

[Slim Thug]
Girl you see these clothes

[E. S. G.]
We two young Presidents

[Slim Thug]
Ha, we ceo's

[E. S. G.]
Ten G's a show

[Slim Thug]
In every city we go

[E. S. G.]
They hopping like some 6-4's

[Slim Thug]
When we step in the do'

[E. S. G.]
Now what you pay for kilos

[Slim Thug]
They pay for these flows

[E. S. G.]
You want a Staff track

[Slim Thug]
You better add some zero's

[E. S. G.]
Can't get it

[Slim Thug]
You can't have it

[E. S. G.]
You can' touch it, I know you love it

[Slim Thug]
But it ain't up in your budget

[E. S. G.]
In the eye of the public

[Slim Thug]
Me and E, the main subject

[E. S. G.]
Boss Hogg Outlaws

[Slim Thug]
About to get rough and rugged

[E. S. G.]
Your mouth, you better shut it

[Slim Thug]
Y'all ain't ready for us

[E. S. G.]
E. S. G. And Slim Thug

[Slim Thug]
We like Startsky and Hutch

[E. S. G.]
Five mics ain't enough

[Slim Thug]
Cause we platinum plus

[E. S. G.]
Seven figgas is a must

[Slim Thug]
If you fucking with us

[Hook x2]

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