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Escape The Fate – The Day I Left The Womb lyrics

Mother, where are you today?
You took a piece of me the day you went away.
No recollection nor the smell of your perfume;
I took a piece of you the day I left the womb.
The day I left the womb.

Brother, put your needles down.
The best thing for you is to leave this awful town.
Pretty soon, you'll have kids to feed.
If you see mother, tell her I can sing.

Please don't worry, I am doing fine.
You're much to busy to even find the time.
So use your chemicals and take this to your grave;
The boys you left are men you didn't raise.

And Daddy, how are you today?
You must be proud of the boys that you have raised.
Your withered heart, and everything it's seen,
Your cuts and calloused hands, you had kids to feed.
You had kids to feed.

Please don't worry, I am doing fine.
You're much to busy, to even find the time.
So use your chemicals and take this to your grave;
The boys you left are men you didn't raise.

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  • u
    His mom left him and his dad wasn't the best dad around but he tried, and his brother got messed up with herion and other drugs. He doesn't talk to his family much. That's sad and this song really tells you his story from his heart. Having all this and then going to jail with some kid's death always traveling its guilt around you, he's always had a hard life.
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  • j
    I agree with etflover because ronnie sounds sad and stuff like I don't come close to his kind of stuff because my mom left me without saying goodbye to me and she was like gone for 3 months but now she dosnt know that I'm really there, my brother was on drugs for awhile too. But the part about his dad. I wish I knew mine I think all parents are the same they can't handle there own children in the first place they shouldnt have children.
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  • maxgreenlover
    Gahh, this song makes me cry everytime I listen to it!
    Ronnie and Max wrote this song according to ronnie's hard life. The guitar you here I think is not the bass but I do know that max is playing a regualr guitar buut, ronnie's mother left him and his little brother or was he older? I can't remember but his mother left them when they were a little older than toddlers but not anywhere near 10 so maybe 6 7 8? Near there. And his mother would do chemicals. Aka Acids. And his brother does heroine, and he wishes the best for his brother with his family. Which he has now by the way. And his father is the one that raised them and he had a hard time doing so.
    Ronnie Radke seriously hates his mother. I don't believe that, I think its because he's so far away from her he's hating her of love. But, when he sings the chorus you can defiently hear his voice crackling and he is crying:[ but I do know he doesn't want anything to deal with his mother. He wants her to die, which makes me wanna cry even more when I listen to it.
    I miss ronnie sooo much!
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  • u
    This song describes my life. My mother and father got divorced when I was 2 years old. My father raised me and my older sister with no help. I worry constantly about my little brother, who my mother decided to raise. She does drugs and now when I we her I can't recognize her. She doesn't remember me or my sister. From the first moment I heard this song I knew he must be talking to me.
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  • s
    This song hits me. Even tho I grew up with all of my family I still think of this song && cry. I adore Ronnie && in this song you can hear his heart calling for his mother && brother. He sounds sad && I can tell it hurts for him to sing this because if you listen closely, you can hear the tears he is fighting back. I agree with maxgreenlover as well. If you don; t know what you are talking about than please don't post the meaning to a song. Thanks(:
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