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Erlend Og Steinjo – Enough lyrics

I've got something that I really need to say to you
I've thought about it for a long time
The thing is that you treat me like a slave all day
It's time that you give something back to me

Really special boyfriend came to me one day
And told me that you went away from me
He also said that all the things I did for you
Didn't mean a motherfucking thing for you

So what do I get for a reward?

Enough (girl)
I hate to live this way
I'm leaving you today

I brush your teeth in the morning
And I have to feed you dinner
Scratch your back and make you cookies
Fly you back from london

I waited for you in los angeles
On the radio they said you were in oslo

So what do I get for a reward?

My brother told me that you had an awful day
The day that you pretended you were gay (gay gay)
And every time I watch you on my video
I rewind it back to the start

Since I left you I've become a multimillionaire
So I guess you wanna be with me again
I have a good friend in germany
He might give you a house to live in there
Wish you were here

Enough (girl)
I love to live this way
And come to me and stay

Enough (girl)
I love to live this way
And come to me and stay

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