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Eric Morena – Hisse Ô lyrics

(feat. Big Punisher, Charli Baltimore, ...)
[Intro: Silkk (Cam'Ron)]

(That's right) Silkk the Shocker
Uh, Cam'Ron (You ain't know) No Limit
(That's right) Untertainment
(I'm here and there) mo' money
(I'm here and there)
Ya don't know?

[Verse One: Cam'Ron]

Aye yo I just walk wit' ya'll, I don't wanna rhyme
I just need talk wit' ya'll
Mamasita, senortia
I'm lookin' for my wifey
Cats always love me, till they girls start to like me
They don't know I'm sheisty, and all my jewels Icey
Tryin' to settle down Ma, stop actin' all fiesty
Cause 'i don't wanna be a playa no more'
Know it's soft, but I cam with a 'core
For the love of Money, Charli, whoa It Ain't My Fault
Like Silkk, it's so timid, my trunk, it go wit' it
The whole Squad is Terrorin', cats is No Limit
And I'm a diplomat, I'm a dimplomat
Where my honeies at?, where my money at?
That's why we act like that
Clak clak clak!, pat pat pat!
So all you girls bring your thongs and shit
Don't front, cause you know what song this is
Ju don't know

[Chorus (Wyclef)]

Ya don't know what we're going through
Ya don't know the things that Cam is showing you
What we're about to do
You don't know
Ya don't know what we're going through
Ya don't know the things these thugs will do to you
You and your family through
Ya don't know

[Verse Two: Big Punisher]

Yo, yo
All the mami's know me, the Spanish kid wit' the goatee
If this was L. A., I'd be a motherfuckin O. G.
Ya my taste, thick i

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