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Epoch Of Unlight – Under Starside Skies lyrics

Paces quicken in the sunless dawn, on the plains below
As terra shifts so does the night, unbound with no ray of hope.

Scatter, the wide array of a thousand harried souls
Dispersed throughout the lonely camp fleeing to their hold
From Aeries high in show of force so quickly do they come
To fall upon the weaker flesh and fell them where they run

Broken Shield of day, And so they carry on

And on the shepherds herd as few may tend to stray
Always heading eastward toward the red and cracking clay
Barrier reef to the north and mires in the south
The path veers ever steeply to the estuaries mouth.

Failure in the tithe
The pact was undone

Swift it moves... Into sight
Swift it slices... Through the hide
Swift it falls... On the pile beneath
Under Starside skies!

From crimson earth I rise!

My burden borne and my steel un-stilled.
Tempered with care a few remain
To return to the fastness high
I ride the rising crests away.

"Pushed to find a way
To sate a higher lust
So through night I ride! "

"My burden borne by craft of hand
And strength of will
Under Starside skies! "

A darker path
Through twilight's sky
Awash in a sea of cries

The preternatural rush
Of a frenzied kill
Under Starside skies

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