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Epicurean – Of Malice And Majesty lyrics

Through the looking glass, I watched in silence as we crumbled
Like ashes in a breeze, fall apart
Bone and flesh, reduced to dust and lies before me
Within this moment I knew, that I had changed forever
Unholy passion of man's great loss, was offered to us this day
As our anguish poured like rain, observant to my decay
May the torment I live through now, echo through eternity
Sing it's song inside my mind and descend into memory
I remember the sound that their bodies made, as these gods of war were
Split in two before my eyes and I, can't save them all or speak of peace
The words that were ripped from my mouth, echo blind in the moonlit sky
As though all the phrases know no bounds, no confines
Malice consuming, though my hands are shaking I slay them all with my hands
Just to put my soul at ease and rest
Through the violence I have seen, I've found a new understanding of
How easily we can be broken
Through all these years, I've remained so silent
When I'm not strong enough to run through the fire
Where the darkness lives on, in every moment here
They're taking my hand, I'll scream it out forever in death decide
Through all these years, I've remained so silent
When I'm not strong enough to run through the fire
This is not compassion I seek, words that become the essence of the anger I felt
Won't fade with time and decide, when life has ceased to set me free
I remain trapped inside the body of a broken man and only here will waste away
With nothing but my memories to guide
Through the darkness of my mind, will I find the answers to
Shine new light on my shattered world and leave the earth behind
And only I know why
The pain that lasts lifetimes
Will I be saved? Set free from life?

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