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Epica – Deter The Tyrant lyrics

Shield the monocrat and
Better fulfill his needs and wields his sordid means
Thank you for all torture and maul
Which only keep it running

We condemn disruption
We should fight for liberation now
Liberate us now

Breed the egoist and
Give him them all he needs and feed his vicious greed
Thank you, we call for chaos
And leave us all alone, resigned

We condemn corruption
We should fight for abdication now
Abdicate us now

When an action bids retraction to begin
You will feel what it's like to suffer for your sins
We will commence

Yield the ruffian then
Give him the gall that he needs and field his children now
For they'll recall, once and for all
This farce is everlasting

We condemn suppression
We should fight this aberration now
Fight suppression now

When an action bids retraction to begin
You will feel what it's like to suffer for your sins
Temptation has destroyed so many brilliant minds
Fate pays the deviant with agony in kind

The lies you've spread
For blood you've she'd
You'll have to justify
Enslaved to reign
Heartless, insane
You'll have to pay the price

Words fail now
The truth is hard to comprehend

Vile secrets were kept in the dark
Avoiding social unrest

Wild efforts to gag dissidents
Will ever fail in the end

We condemn aggression
We could find our destination now
Find it here somehow

We will commence
Your chance is now

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