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Envy On The Coast – Lapse lyrics

The road turned into a snake,
It looked in my veins and said,
"It's in your blood"

That's when I tried to run,
But it was way too dark
Got scared,
And ran into your arms

Oh, sweet chemical predicament
Can't stop,
Can't change the evident

Predisposed to forget the best part,
A story where the hero dies without regard
Made sure that the needle was clean
When I let myself fall asleep

And all I kept was a piece of your picture,
It slipped through my fingers
When I slid into my dreams

It's not as deep as it seems,
And as unfair as it may be,
I'm just here to remind you,
Remind you not to forget to remember me

I know you know how it feels to make a clean break
My bones are your bones,
My home is your home
You must be, so confused
Got scared, and ran away from you

Oh, sweet divine predicament
I can't hide,
I can't change the evident

I'm predisposed to trust a photograph
To portray the way you used to laugh

Do you recall the day you wed?
Such a radiant bride,
You couldn't wait to see
Your first born take his very first step,
And you smiled at him,
'Cause you thought he looked like me

It's not as deep as it seems
And as unfair as it may be,
I'm just here to remind you,
Remind you not to forget to remember me

Now I've dodged your questions so much,
I don't possess the strength
To answer straight

And no, I'm not afraid,
At least not to die
I'm afraid to live, and not remember why

Sweet chemical indifference,
I can't stop,
Can't change the evident

Predisposed to perpetual sickness,
I refuse to let you all be witness
Make sure the needle is clean
When you let me go back to sleep

And situate the piece of the picture
Underneath my fingers,
It protects me in my dreams

It's not as deep as it seems,
And as unfair as it may be,
I'm just here to remind you,
Remind you not to forget to remember me

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Corrected bybitybaby45


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    Considering the song is called "Lapse," I'm not sure there's a way to analyze it other than a guy who's lapsing on drugs and probably disappointing the woman who's frequently mentioned in the song. There's the dodging questions, the /chemicals/, the /needle/. I don't think it's about him dying at all.
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  • u
    I believe this song is about his battle between using and his love for this girl. He uses and always goes back to her. He references to a time where shes alone without him remembering him in the child they share together. Hes singing to her in a state of trip saying don't forget me, don't forget what we had. Maybe there in a fight and he used and is holding her picture saying goodbye to her while he drifts into oblivion.
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  • b
    I honestly don't believe this song has something to do with him been dead, I think he's emotionally wrecked. However I do agree that it has something to do with the woman in his life, but then again I do see why other people interperate this song in so many ways. They're has to be quite a few meanings that can come from this, but we all think differently, so this song will mean different things to each person. "I'm not afraid; atleast not to die. I'm afraid to live and not remember why" My favourite lyrics throughout the whole song.
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