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Enter Shikari – Constellations lyrics

Packing the last few shirts into a bloated suitcase
The last glimpse of comfort and the ticking clock face
I swear those hands move faster every day
I'm more confused than ever but I don't beg or pray 'cause the
Sparkling light from the morning sun
Is all we should need to feel one

I reach the station with just minutes to spare,
I glance at my watch time's going faster these days I swear,
Eyes focus up now to the train time table board
There's only two platforms to be explored,
And it's then that I admit it to myself,

That I am lost so lost
But you're the constellations
That guide me

There's a train at 12, destination disaster
It's running on time as time runs faster
On platform two it's destination sustainability
It's delayed though it was suppose to arrive at 11: 50
Platform one it says stand behind the yellow line
But I sit on the platform edge and just gaze at the time

My mind wanders back to our oblivious existence
I'm all choked up now with the threat of distance
As the train bound for disaster chokes up to the station
I don't board it cause I decide that it's the wrong destination
But the train bound for sustainability is nowhere to be seen

And I'm lost so lost
Where are the constellations
That guide me?

And then I realize that
We need to use our own two feet to walk these tracks,
And we have to squad up and we have to watch each others backs,
With forgiveness as our torch and imagination our sword
We'll untie the ropes of hate and slash open the minds of the bored
And we'll start a world so equal and free
Every inch of this earth is yours all the land and all the sea
Imagine no restrictions but the climate and the weather
Then we can explore space together

And I'm lost so lost
Where are the constellations

And I'm lost so lost
You are the constellation X5

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  • d
    The hint to the song's meaning is in there. It's about sustainability. This final track from the album is Rou wrapping up everything he's said throughout the album, and openly saying that he hopes for a sustainable future, though it may be too late for him, 'I'm lost so lost, but you're the constellations'. The constellations are the future generations who will do better than current generations. References to time in the song are based on the Doomsday Clock (see Wiki). 'We need to use our own two feet to walk these tracks' is referring to the fact that despite being promised sustainability, government haven't followed through and the only way to achieve it is to make it happen ourselves. Spend some time reading up on sustainability and the Doomsday clock and you'll appreciate this song like never before.
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  • u
    What a wonderful song to hear a brilliant band like this create which create a wonderful song. Sorry your not a winner. Well this has topped it as I find myself listening over n over again as it seems to just have such a deep meaning as only disaster awaits for us but if ur patient then u'll see that the good things may arrive in life and we need to learn to live with each-other and not be so separate but more equal and think of ourselves as just one and nothing different and to care more then we used to and to make our own paths not the ones that were made already for us and to prove we all share everything and ownership paper is just a title we all owned it to begin with.
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  • u
    Such a smashing ending to the album, well done lads! I find this final song a good last few words from rou. You could probably say that this song is about having no restrictions to humanity's lives and having the freedom to travel our own unique and individual paths instead of walking along those which were laid out for us, be it disaster or sustainability. We are the constellations that should guide one another towards a better future, and the day when we stand up and squad up will be the day when the boundaries that we've been held back by will fall down so that we can all explore all the way to space and back again.
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  • u
    I see two side, one defiance of conformaty and normality that leads to recklessness, yet there is the heavensent other side which we want to ride which is waiting and waiting, not taking charge but instead being placed and taken to safety. Then in the breakdown it describes that no route given to us by others is acceptable you want get where you want unless you move, you choose and you do!
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  • u
    We can never rule out what we're taught as children, I think the answer to a perfect world is a perfect understanding as to why we are here. I don't honestly think you can understand why you are here until you know your makers smile. Enter shikari is a great band and I appreciate they're peaceful views on this world. The fact is that we can't change what we can't buy in this greed stricken world. Cameron.
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