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Ensiferum – The Longest Journey (Heathen Throne Part II) lyrics

Could my ruin have come,
My day of trouble have arrived,
In these tuonele cabins
These abodes of the dead land?

Far beyond the dark stream pagan souls will
Roam those cold lands wild and free.
Wait for the sign; a blood red sky.
Then beyond the dark stream we will ride.

The path of mortals,
So narrow and brutal.
Only bravest of them all
Will find true valours

Decaying souls of men,
Who trust in false omens,
Will drown in the stream
With their untrue beliefs

He's been drifting
For so long,
Searching for the land.
Where heroes roam.

In the horizon,
The last ray of light,
A breeze from the other side,
Before he dies.

Dividing walls of stone,
Eternal heathen Throne,
Beneath the cold starlight.
Revealed for the purest sight.

Through constant affliction
Towards alleviations,
When a searing star is near.
Carry on, you're almost here

Far beyond the dark stream we'll meet again.
Across the wilderness and we will be home.
Gather your strength, don't be afraid.
Far beyond the dark stream, we'll meet again.

The longest journey of them all,
Has to be made all alone
A flame in the skyline reaching the stars
Guiding the seeker through the night!

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The Longest Journey (Heathen Throne Part II) meanings

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    It's about, like most Ensiferum songs, living an honorable and glorious life, of course, the actual information is a little bit outdated, since modern day Norsemen don't raid Europe anymore, and mostly Christian, but anyways, as someone explained, the dark steam signifies death, and after death, only true heroes who have lived gloriously will be strong enough to cross the river into a heroes after life. Those too weak will "drown" in the stream, that most likely means they get swept away and taken to another afterlife. The eternal heathen throne is this heroes afterlife that Norse heroes strive their whole lives to be a part of, where their souls will be at home, they are most likely referring to Valhalla.
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