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Enochian Crescent – A Dream Of Basaltic Submarine Towers Of Titanic Proportions And Nightmare Angels lyrics

Damnable Dominion (of) basalt walls and Sepulchres
Unquiet, gharne Landscape

Coarse - grained perceptions, Inhale exotic Drugs
God's Shadow Looms, Ancient Beyond Words

It's A Sin to Scorn Him
It's A Great Sin in His Eyes
- And This too you would do!!!

Transcend to A dream of basaltic submarine towers
Of titanic proportions and Nightmare Angles

Burrowed Beneath, two rolling seas
My soul Drowns to Antiquity

In matters of Myth and Time - Lost Lore
I'm Enticed by The Purest Evil

It's A Sin to Scorn Him
It's A Great Sin in His Eyes
- And This too you would do!!!

In His Name, once again
Sacrilege and Sin, Rites Evil and Grim
Open the Gate, once again
Unleash The Evil!!!

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