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Enigma – Goodbye Milky Way lyrics

Goodbye Milky Way)

Shall I go?

Shall I stay?

107 light years away, many times, so many doubts...

But no reason to talk about...

"mission is over, mission is done,

I'll miss you children of the sun

But it's time to go away, Goodbye, Goodbye Milky way! "

For a better world without hate, from your heart believe in fate

Only visions and the mind will guide you to the light.

"mission is over, mission is done,

I'll miss you children of the sun

Now it's time to go and say, Goodbye, Goodbye Milky way! "

Mission is over, mission is done,

I'll miss you children of the sun

I'll get born this one day,

I say Goodbye, Goodbye Milky way! "

In 5 billion years

Andromeda galaxy will collide with our Milky way,

A new gigantic cosmic world will be born...

Relationship status: single

Birthday: January 3

Age: 21

Here for: friends, business networking

Ethnicity: caucasian

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  • o
    At the dawn of humanity, long before civilisation took hold the way it is now, and humans were little more than cave men, the Extraterrestrial Entity that is supposedly singing this song, first travelled to our world, (the Earth) from a distant galaxy.
    This long lived being existed through several ages of mankinds development - and crucially he was largely responsible for moving us up the evolutionary ladder in ways we cannot possibly begin to imagine.
    This being, possibly went by many names, to many different cultures, in different time periods. He may have even had the power to jump time backwards and forwards in our Space Time Continuum, as he continued to develope and nurture the fledgling and sometimes easily misguided human race.
    Finally, having enhanced our mental, spiritual and other capabilities in us, that make us human, and can make us even more than we are, the Alien being has at last finished the job, and is about to leave humanity in its present form and return to their own galaxy.
    The song, in so many few words conveys the turmoil in this beings mind as they prepare for the final journey home. The love they have for humankind in this galaxy, their recognition of our potential to do so much more than fight wars and try to destroy each other. It is a song which brings tears to the eyes of those of us advanced beings (ironically awoken by the very work of this Alien Entity over the ages) sufficiently, spiritually advanced enough to understand the pain in every sentence, every phrase of the song.
    Towards the end of the song, in the minds eye, you can almost see the blue terrestrial globe that is the earth, receeding, replaced eventually by the very stars that make up our arm of the spiral galaxy that is the Milky Way, as the Aliens spaceship speeds on towards home.
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  • m
    Its the voice of a human soul and a spirit that was suffering the hardships of life and had suddenly became free. A free spirit. It has seen the light and moving forward towards its perfection. It has just died! And getting united with its wonderful perfect creator. Going to the other side of life; everlasting, endless life!. It s saying farewell; a final farewell to the other human beings. Who are still alive. A farewell to its past living old world and universe where was its big test to belief and faith. Uncomfortable and full of evil. For after its transition to the other world it will be resting from the exhausting needs and conflicts of the body where it was imprisoned in so as to be connected to life and one piece with earth. Now all its gone. Its free to unite with the light. Only the light!
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