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England Dan & John Ford Coley – It's Sad To Belong lyrics

Met you on a springtime day
You were mindin' you life
And I was mindin mine, too

Lady when you looked my way
I had a strange sensation
And, darlin' that's when I knew...


(That/Oh) it's sad to belong to someone else
When the right one comes along,
Yes, it's sad to belong to someone else
When the right one comes along.

Oh, I wake up in the night
And I reached beside me
Hopin' you will be there

But instead I find someone
Who believe in me when I said
"I'd always care."

Repeat Chorus

So I lived my life in a dreamworld
For the rest of my days
Just you and me walkin' hand in hand
In a wishful memory
Oh, I guess that's all
That it would ever be.

Wish I had a time machine
I could make myself go back
Until the day I was born,
And I would live my life again
and rearrange it so that I'll be
Yours from now on.

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    Why do we have to find the right one when it's already to late? Why do we have settled down to the wrong person even if he/she is not the right one? Maybe because we rush things too much that we can't wait for our right one. Let's take it easy :)) life is maybe short but we must sure for it so our life will be worth living for :))
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    It is the risk when we try to grab every opportunity that comes to us. We didn't notice while we enjoy being with some who only give us joy or lust for a short time. The one who really meant for us are starting to get some step back because we are already belong. To someone else.
    It is one of the most painful thing, maybe it is a sister song of "bakit ngayon ka lang" at "ikaw sana"
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    Maybe this is about a man who understands life is a bittersweet experience. We can't have it all. Time, opportunity, the age we are at the time all play a part in the decisions we make.
    This also reminds me of "courtly love," the notion of "loving pure, chase and from afar. " it is much easier to imagine a person's perfection when one is not coping with the daily realities of life.
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