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Endangered Plants – Who Took The Medicine lyrics

Endangered Plants, all I ever hear are stupid Rants,
All I want is nature back, All I want is nature back (Woah, Woah)
Here me now, listen up, don't be a clown,
Plants are more important than stupid cows,
Savin life, hear my shout, (Savin life, hear my shout)
Plant a tree or somethin' green then I'm out,
Endangered plants are on the rise, (without a doubt)
But we don't care until they demise, (we gotta figure somethin out)
Here me out, make a shout, plant a tree then we're out,
Oh, Oh, A-ohh, Oh, Oh, A-ohh.
We gotta figure somethin out]

Yo yo yo, listen up to a story
About something so sick, something that flows so quick,
It makes me sound as cool as Slick Rick,
It's Riah-Ry, and here's somethin
That might make you wanna do somethin,
But don't know yet, I know it'll be something you won't
But hey, let's try it.

Roxy Perriwinkle cured Hodgkin's disease,
Another plant that's on the verge is American Gingsen,
Then there's the Willow's bark that hit us up with asprin,
Cinchona and Pepper Bark treats malaria,
But they're declinin' but nobody's askin'
Galantamine from snowdrops treats Alzheimer's dementia.
Eyebright is just as important as the mornin' light, but
Somehow plant extinction don't fit the criteria;
Almalayan yew fights off cancer, but we exploit this stuff
Lookin for an answer,
Then there's:
Block Cohosh, Wild Yam, Blood Root, African Cherry,
Slippery Elm, Enchinacea, Golly, there's more to name
And that's kinda scary.
So let's go on with the game,
And maybe I'd bust out a few more plants,
That are equally the same.


Yo yo, listen up.
Did yall know that 400, 000 tonss of medicinal plants are traded annually?
And you're about to realize, finally,
That not everything is made to be consumed at this rate,
I don't think anybody is ready for this fate.
Yew trees are endangered, they're the basis of paclitaxel.
It takes six trees to create single dose.
The statistics get more gross,
80 percent of those species are harvested wildly,
We just take them blindly,
21 percent are at risk cause of this,
Yet we go on our day,
Using each plant without bliss.

So let's sing it!


My time is comin now, so let's get it down:
We have one chance to make this right,
So hold some hands, make this dream come to sight,
We gonna lose more than what we got to gain,
Please, tell me someone's sane!
Hoodia, Namibia, Magnolia, and Autumn Crocus
Are some other plants that won't live without us
Let's put out the fiahh,
Let's stop the plants that might di-ahh
And maybe we can fix the mess we left,
So we don't be the theft,
Of Nature's beauty just yet.

One more time!

Let's put out the fiahh,
Let's stop the plants that might di-ahh
And maybe we can fix the mess we left,
So we don't be the theft,
Of Nature's beauty just yet.


Yeah, yeah, figure somethin out,

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