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Emma Liana – Gotta Get Out Of Here lyrics

Dedicated to my good friend Renee

I always tried
But you kept wanting more
You always said that
I needed to be perfect
And when I asked to go out
You gave me an abrupt no
You said to get what I want
I needed to be better
But I try my hardest
And deserve what I'm after
You kept calling me dumb
You kept calling me stupid
You never saw the real me
Through those eyes
But now it's time to open them up
And see who I am

I just gotta go
Gotta get out of here.
I need to get away
And get out of town.
I need to be alone
For just a day or two
I just gotta go
Gotta get out of here.

Why did you do
All the things you did to me?
Why did you have to cut my hair
When I was sleeping?
Why did you have to call the police
When it was just a friend?
I'd like to know how you could be
So cruel to me.

I always held back
The tears of pain
You never knew
How I really felt
I could have a better life
If you wern't involved
What makes you so mad?
I like to really know.

I just gotta go
Gotta get out of here.
I need to get away
And get out of town.
Life's too short
For me to live this way.
I just gotta go
Gotta get out of here.

I go through enough
In the middle of school
Then you make it harder
When I am home
I won't be suprised if you make me
Study 'till I die
I won't be suprised
If you make me cry
I just wanna have a good time
Before I'm an adult.

How could you
Do all those things to me?
I'm a straight A student and
That's not enough.
You always expect me
To do better then Awesome
You concider an A as an F
Unless there's a plus beside it.

Someday I won't be under
Your control.
I'll be myself and
Get to do what I want.
I'm gonna be away from this prison
Soon enough.
I hope you understand
You can't treat me like this forever.

I'm just gonna go
I'm gonna spread my wings
I'm gonna find a place
Where I can be myself
You and mom have tought me well
Now it's time for me to be on my own.

I know I can do it
Just trust me on this
Open your eyes and see
That I'm ready.
I can take care of myself
From here on end
Thank you for teaching me
How to defend.
Now goodbye
It's time for me to go
I'll see you soon
When I come back home.

I just gotta go
Gotta get out of here
I need to get away
And get out of the state
I can't believe it's finally
Happening now.
I'm leaving home and
I'm as happy as ever.
Thank you lord
For there not to be
A dissaster.
I going now
Going where I wanna go.
I'm finally out of there!
Finally out of there.

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