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Eminemmylou – The People's Prayer lyrics

Dear God, you've got to intervene
The whole damn world has gone insane
Half dosed up with atropine
The rest prepared to get gangrene
All made out to be routine
By politicians and magazines
Saying 'we're gonna smash an evil
'Evil regime, Saddam Hussein'
And millions stuck in-between
Shots and bombs and fusilenes
And Tony Benn's our go-between
But what the fuck hope can Iraqis see
Jesse Jackson:
'It's hope time, it's healing time
It's hope time, it's healing time'
The only Gods that we adore
Are love and peace and plenty
We're better pleased to make one more
Than be the death of twenty
Come on baby, let's make 1 more
Tony Benn:
'It must be about democracy'

Dear God, where's your
Miraculous deed
You've got to act now, don't mess
Around no more
The world's heating up for a badass
And the deal is they trash the poor
While dictators hide and the rich
Get more
And it's so awful but it's not unlawful
Cause the resolutions are sealed n signed
And the world feels like it's down
And singing raps is so naive
War is sick

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