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Emerson Drive – One Of A Kind lyrics

Yesterday I decided to die today
Said the boy to his angel
I don't know why they should cry today
If I'm in their hearts it doesn't seem that way

The angel stared into those weary eyes
Saying Son you just don't realize
The people you know do not always show
The love they have for you will always be true

A voice from inside came crying out to me
Asking friend why don't you talk to me
I understand you're not just a great ascent

You are one of a kind
I call you my friends
You are part of my family
Your are my son
I will love you forever

If you are his friends your life will never end
Said the angel to me
His parting words will stay close to me
Now that a soft voice has left the scene

I am the way, the truth, and the light
No one come through the father except through me

I woke up early this morning
Without any signs or a warning
My friends were all kneeling around me in prayer
I remember my friend and the angel up there
This is my family around me in prayer
I have a love now that I must declare
This is my family around me in prayer
I'm part of a family in peace

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