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Elton John – Curtains lyrics

I used to know this old scarecrow
He was my song, my joy and sorrow
Cast alone between the furrows
Of a field no longer sown by anyone

I held a dandelion
That said the time had come
To leave upon the wind
Not to return
When summer burned the earth again

Cultivate the freshest flower
This garden ever grew
Beneath these branches
I once wrote such childish words for you

But that's okay
There's treasure children always seek to find
And just like us
You must have had
A once upon a time

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Curtains meanings

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    Having reviewed the previously written, I, much to my surprise, found that I couldn't say it any better than it's done by Mr C. Thomson - there's no need trying to invent a bicycle where it already exists. It is not that often met with nowadays, when an artist is so frank and honest not even with the audience, but with himself (in this case, with themselves of course). And such frankness, revelation without the slightest shade of fear of being derided, deserves to be appreciated. Being myself not much of an Elton John's fan, still I'm addicted to some of his works, and the album from which this song originates is my Number One. Not simply beautiful, touching lyrics, but an open window into which we are invited to look.
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    Carl Thomson
    I'm always fascinated by interpretations of lyrics, especially in this case, where the entire album was an autobiography of the two writers, John/Taupin. As such, the real meaning of the lyrics on this album are the most literal of any album they've done. No need to try to invent meanings. In this case, "Scarecrow" is not referring to addiction, but instead the title of one of the first songs John/Taupin wrote which was put to a demo record. So, the "he was my song" is also literal. Scarecrow was a song. The song was a joy for them, as being one of their first, but it was not up to the level that they needed to achieve, therefore sorrow as well.

    "Beneath this branches I once wrote such childish words for you" refers to the earliest lyrics that Taupin wrote for John, sometimes under a tree on the farm that his family lived on. He was in his teens at the time, and his lyrical skills needed to develop more in order to be successful. Once again, literal, autobiographical lyrics.
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  • n
    This old scarecrow refefs to addiction "my joy and sorrow"
    Cast alone between the furows, no longer sown by anyone refers to the lonliness and isolation created by addiction.
    I held as dandilion that said the time had come to leave upon the wind not to return when summer burned the earth again.
    Reffers to a message of hope and of recovery. You do not have to return to the old scarecrow in the lonley field "addiction" even when things get tough "when summer burned the earth again"
    Cultivate the freshest flowers is refering to the new life of recovery. Growing into the person you wre meant to be.
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