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Einstürzende Neubauten – The Interimlovers lyrics

In the space of just one slipped beat of the tongue
There is big bang and total entropy
From red giants to white dwarfs
The whole scale
Of cosmic dimensions are falling
Out of my mouth
In the description of a kiss
Of the interimlovers

Of the interimlovers
In the interim

Between microphone and macrocosm
Between chaos and on no course
Between plankton und philisophia
Between semtex and utopia

There they are
The interimlovers

In their communal mouth
Lives a hummingbird
With each humming beat of it's wings
Too swift for the eye to see
Cultures flourish and perish
Whole continents vanish
Here are no harmless words
All by far too large
An example most simple explodes
In 10^14 for
The interimlovers

The interimlovers
In the interim

Between toothache and oil of cloves
Between genesis and sixsixsix
Between c'' and vitamin c
Between ultramarine and navy frigate

The interimlovers are intimate

The interimlovers
In the

In the course of just one winking beat of an eye
They have putsched
The government was felled
Parliament dissolved
Elections held
Results annulled
New elections called
Then finally exiled
In history reviled
I wade through the filth of mighty
Meta, meta, meta by metre
With gestures far too wide
For the interimlovers

The interimlovers
Are lovers in the interim

Between temporary and tenpura
Between rope and sword dance
Between times and on the seafloor
Between semtex and utopia
They lay in each others arms

Thirstily devour
That last little drop of light
They are not there yesterday
And tomorrow not yet
The lovers
The interimlovers
They are not there yesterday
And tomorrow not yet
Not really
The interimlovers
They are not there yesterday
And tomorrow not yet)

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