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Eels – Jehovah's Witness lyrics

Jehovahs Witness, leave me alone
Jehovahs Witness, I'm not at home
Keep on a-knockin' and a-ringin' the bells
Knockin' your way straight to Hell
Jehovahs Witness, let's not pretend
That for one second you are my friend
Knock on my door and I'll turn out the light
Close the curtains and turn in for the night
Jehovah's Witness, why must it be
Just when I'm feelin' good I look out and see
You're walkin' up in your very nice suit
Walk down some alley where they'll give up a hoot
Jehovahs Witness, leave me alone
Jehovahs Witness, I'm not at home
Jehovahs Witness, leave me alone
Jehovahs Witness, I'm not at home

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    It means that Jehovah's Witnesses are a pain in the ass, so who, besides a Jehovah's Witness, would welcome them to come a knockin', and that's generally not their target demographic! It's a song about how nice it is to return favors, like, since you annoy me by knocking on my door, pamphlets in hand and dressed up in yo' daddy's suit, then I'll seemingly save you a hours worth of speaking to me when I have no interest in anything you will be speaking about anyway, and this I know before you start. So common courtesy is to tell them your not interested... but that doesn't work in this particular scenario. So a more profound and universal language is employed by shutting off the lights and closing the blinds after they knock! It's much easier to convey one's opinion in such a more specific and direct form like this!
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