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Edith Frost – Lucky Charm lyrics

Lucky charm from a fairground gate
Just a souvenir from the midway man
But it seemed to seal the guarantee
That the blues would never bother me
Don't let me lose my lucky charm
That I keep in my pocket
Just to hold the memory close to my heart
Little charm I'd never be without
'Cause it guards a love I dream about
Don't let me lose my lucky charm

I know it's just a useless little trinket
And the game was rigged against me from the start
For my little souvenir will soon be broken
And I'll find myself with just a vacant heart

Lucky charm, my only token
To enhance the chance of loving again
Just a silly game I choose to play
'Cause I only let it slip away
Don't let me lose my lucky charm

I know it's just an old-time superstition
But I keep it for the day the rain comes down
'Cause I know that if I lose my only token
That the clouds will come to swallow me back down

Lucky charm
'Cause it makes me happy
And my fortune will be safe in your guard
For as long as I can hold it out
I have nothing left to cry about
Don't let me lose my
Don't let me lose my
Don't let me lose my lucky charm
Lucky charm, lucky charm

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