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Eddie Murphy – I Meant You No Harm / Jimmy's Rap lyrics

[Announcer:] And now, the mellow sound of Jimmy Early...

[Jimmy:] I meant you no harm
I never meant to make you cry
You were the only one I've ever loved
In my life
And though it's hard for me to show it
I've got to let you know it
'Cause darlin I love you more each day
But the words got in my way

[Chorus:] oohhh I meant you no harm
And I would die if you ever said goodbye
I love you, I love you
Oohh I meant you no harm
I never ever meant to make you cry
You are the only one I'll ever love
In my life

[Speaks:] Hold it, Hold it, Hold it. I can't do it. I can't do it no more, I can't sing no more sad songs.

[Sings:] 1, 2, 3 Hit Me! Bop-do-bob bobadobabeeba bop-do-bop huh!
Yeah, bass man, uh, come on up!
1, 2, 3 Hit me!!!
Uh, sound good. Yeah. Saxaphone on da 4! 1, 2, 3, hit it!
Yeah, aaaaa uh... Come on. Horns hit it!!
Uh, ah, yeah!

Hey, curly, let's rap for Jimmy Early!
Got a home in the hills, Mercedes-Benz. Hot swimmin pool, got lots o' friends!
Got clothes by da anchor, credit to spare, I could wake up in da mornin and find no one there,
But Jimmy won't mo, Jimmy won't mo, Jimmy won't, Jimmy won't, Jimmy won't mo!

Listen, Jimmy wanna rib, Jimmy wanna steak, Jimmy wanna piece o' your chocolate cake!
Above all that, Jimmy want a break, cuz Jimmy got soul, Jimmy got soul, Jimmy got, Jimmy got, Jimmy got soul!

Soona or later, the time come around
For a man to be a man,
Take back his sound
I gotta do somethin, to shake things up
Like Johnny Mathers, but I can't do that stuff
Cuz Jimmy got soul, Jimmy got soul, Jimmy got S-O-you-L soul!
I can't do rock, I can't do roll, what I can do, baby, is show my soul!
Cuz Jimmy got soul, Jimmy got soul, Jimmy got, Jimmy got, Jimmy got soul!

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