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Ed Harcourt – The Way That I Live lyrics

[Verse 1]
I forgot love, the jolt from the kick,
Gave me a thrill that I sorely miss.
The branches I broke,
The feelings I closed.
That's just the way that I live

[Verse 2]
All in good time, you waited so long,
So you could right me from my wrongs.
You don't need to forgive,
The way that I live.

You've got that soul.
Wise beyond your years.
You never have needed what you give.
You've got that soul,
You keep it in here.
And that's just the way that you live.

[Verse 3]
The streets are alive,
Through the deepest red ruin
Can't tell if she's blushing, in a rose tinted hue.
She's finished her shift,
And waits for her lift.
That's just the way that she lives.

[Verse 3]
The chances we have,
And the moments we lost.
The river I swim,
But I couldn't cross.
Don't try to forgive,
The way that I live.

[Chorus x2]

[Final Chorus]
I've got a soul,
It's lived through the years.
I never have needed what I give.
I've got a soul,
I keep it in here.
And that's just the way,
That I live.

That's just the way that I live. [x2]

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