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Ebru Musiq – Shopping lyrics

Your daddy wanna take me shopping

Verse I:
I got that old school game call me saga
In my gray guzeppies black shades imma radar
If you bring your B*** to the club imma take her
And H** I'm just as bad that I can do with with no make up (whip, swear to
God )
You ain't gotta ask me B*** I'm Rollin
I had pancake syrup eggs this morning
I'm in follies in the VIP cause they know me
Man they jocking where I'm at like a parody
B*** I need that fatty tell me who's your daddy
If it's paper right I get wetty when he ready
I'm talking spaghetti greens and letty
When it's all over he said thank you E you fed me I bet he

Your daddy wanna take me shopping

Verse II:
If I get your daddy don't be mad at me
Cause you compare to me is such a tragedy
You flexing on me well we gonna have to see
B*** you hardly turned up you need a battery
I tell him hold up that's my spot
Boy I'm coming and now we back inside the club
Because it's jumping really really this H*** jealous
I'm on clock nine with Elvis
If I pop it right - he gonna spend it all
He said that pussy tight catch me catch me at the mall
I'm a Golddigger and I don't give a F***
At least I'm getting money you are just a S***

Your daddy wanna take me shopping

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