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Ebonics – Hata Blockaz lyrics

Up in the club all dark
But I got my hater blockers on so sharp
Holla at ya boy when you see em in the club
If the party aint jumpin then imam start it up
Everybody steps back so I can do work
If the beat stay knockin ya boy goes bizerk
Look for a crowd if ya need to find me
Cause I'm prolly in the middle whiling out to the beat
And if ya wanna battle please think before ya actions
Cause I will embarrass you that's my satisfaction
I go nuts I get dumb crazy
But you can't blame me for using what god gave me
The dance floors home if you in it you da tenant
Cause I'll collect ya confidence as if it was rented
And if you don't like it will that's your decision
Cause I can barely see you once I darken my vision
I be dressed to impress attair so fresh
I can only look right I don't dare look left
And that brings the ones who show no respect and sends foul words but I need no ref
When I put them things on it's like I'm possessed
Cause all the hate being brought I don't even stress
It's like a whole different world a whole nother time frame
Chris Angel shades cause these things freak your mind main
I'm trying to find a girl who resides at the best
You know the type to catch ya eye who differes from the rest
But got dudes on the sideline lookin like they vexed
Like they were sent to the bus cause the girl said Next
But I put on my specs and I careless
Cuase I'ma keep doin me to my very last breath
I can't see you but can you see me
Cause When It comes to the haters I'm like Stevie
Lean to the left, Lean to the right
Do the toe dance put ya blockers on tight
Lean to the right, Lean to the left
Do the toe dance while you block out the rest
Haters yes blockers check
Put them things on and fade the black

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