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Eartha Kitt – Where Is My Man ? lyrics

Where Is My Man?
(Eartha Kitt)

I don't wanna be alone where is my man?
I don't wanna be alone where is my man?
I spend hours by the phone where is my baby?
I chew my fingers to the bone where is my man?

My list of needs is really quite brief, I need a man who can bring my relief,
From all the stress and strains of the day with just a tiny stroll thru Cartier
I need a man who can take me then taunt me and make me
Buy the things I so richly deserve, a man who knows what I require
Is the thing that I desire, is there anyone out there who has the nerve?


Where is my baby? He can't be far, look for an ascot, a big cigar, tell him to find me just send his car to this address I have to stress, I need him now
Where is my baby when will he start? To use his Visa right to my heart
I'll give him Carte Blanche baby be smart, baby, drop your amount in my account
But do it now.


The kind of man that I adore is the kind of man that gives me more of all the better things in life
That are free. Such as summer by the sea, The Hamptons, Malibu, Capri
The kind of man who comes alive when he comes near Rodeo Drive
Is the kind of man who wins my heart with style and class
You know I've tried some other men, the kind with zeros, less than ten.
But everytime I grab the ring it's always brass


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