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E-town Concrete – The Phoenix lyrics

So I take another step, and one more breath
Closer to death. There's things going on in this
World that got me stressed. Lately I find myself
Searching my soul. Looking for signs of life,
A warmth in the cold. I'm young and restless
And they want me to fold. I'm hard headed, I
Ain't never did shit I was told. I get too mad too
Fast over too much shit, but I put too much heart
Into the words I spit. Maybe I'm too proud,
Maybe I scream too loud... But what goes in,
Must come out. And I'm hurting inside. I can't
Show it. Obstructed by pride. I ain't being hard I
Just don't know why. Fuck tomorrow if I live or
I die. Who comes first? You not before I. I'm still
A ways off from my lofty goals, so fuck those
Who oppose and those who's acting like ho's. I
Ain't got time for ya'll. Focus my goals. I chose.
C'mon now, you just write ryhmes... I recite lifelines.
You're in it for the long haul... I'm in it for a lifetime.
Let a brother try to come between me and mine.
I'll lie cheat and steal to keep feeding mine. That's
The deal and that's for real, by any means. Am I
Wrong because I want the finer things in life?
Hell no. Take this world by storm.
All I ever wanted was a taste of. All I ever wanted
Was a piece of what I could not have.

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