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E-town Concrete – Hindsight lyrics

Coming out of the woodwork, and here we go.
On a steady climb to get mine, just so you know.
Shots in the night cause two wrongs make a right.
I got mad peeps, so I roll mad deep.
Etac's got my back, no need to worry kid.
Never look back, never look back, I Repeat.
Never look back, never fuckin' look back.
Time to seed out the ones in which I could confide.
From all the other suckas just along for the ride.
Since the day one, I was a stray one,
Who was there for the other suckas just along for the ride.
Since the day one, I was a stray one,
Who was there for there for me, no one see, and that's the
Way it will always be.
Always an obstacle, but still you managed to succeed
On your own with no help and two mouths to feed.
Through all the fights in the middle of the night
You still raised us right, and said, "Never lose sight."
Red and blue sirens and do not cross signs, boy, those were some fucked up times.
But now I put it in the back of my mind so I don't sweat it.
I keep it in, but I will never regret it.
Give me some room, gimme some room.
You killed yourself for us, and every night I watched you cry.
You'd sit me down and tell me listen,
"He doesn't know what he is missing."
Constantly broke my heart and torn apart from the start.
I had my head on straight.
Life headed straight for the ground. Until you caught grip, and slowed that shit down.
I had a dream, I dreamt the pain was gone.
Headed left, right, right, left behind.
Poisoned my world, grown man at the age of twelve.
There's enough hate in my veins.

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