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Dwight Yoakam – The Back Of Your Hand lyrics

When you give it up for gone
But your still diggin in the mine
And your starin out the window
Sayin everything will be just fine
Keepin with the whole affair
Every word seems outta line
No matter what angle you get
It's polish till it shine

So take a guess, where I stand
Pick a number, one to two
Take a look at the back of your hand
Just like ya know it, ya know me too.

When ya say "Who the hell am I living with,
What just went down?
Where did this come from, why are all my colors faded brown?
When did he change? What's with the rage?
Who's the dude with the extra role?
What's the verse, the line, the chapter, the page? "


You think your lost without anyplace left to go
Like you need, one of those kisses, long and slow.
First glance is not what it seems but there's some things that I just know
Like you take two sugars with a splash of cream

Yeah, like ya know it, you know me too
Just like ya know it, ya know me too.

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    This is a long love gone bad. She has given it up for gone but still "diggin in the mine" trying to put the pieces back together. And lying to herself saying everything will be just fine. "keepin with the whole affair" for outside appearance to others. So that it appears to shine even though she knows what she is saying is a front. The verse is just reitterating how long the couple has been together. They know each other so well and they know where each other stand on issues in the relationship. The second verse is basically her falling apart when reality hits her. She asks herself all these questions. I love "whats the verse the line the chapter the page" like wait a minute I lost my place in the book of my own life and I ned to know what the hell is going on. My favorite is the bridge. She thinks shes lost without anyplace to go and maybe if she could just get one of those long slow kisses he used to give her everything would be great. Then it goes into her and him even knowing exactly how they want their coffee and they know eachother so well but the love has died.
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