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Dwele – Watch Me lyrics

I’m 22 big dreamin it ain’t over
I’ma own a Rover, watch me
Few years later made it happen not from rapping
Smacking albums, big dream it's still in me
One day I’ma own a Bentley, Watch me
Drink the finest Henny,
Make all of 'em Girl-girls, say hey-hey
Rub my body up like I rock the axe spray, (psst) Watch me
Hey, hold up, hold up, I think I’m big Preach
Let me bury y'all and I love to ball
Got the chicks and they all... Watch me
Some guys win’em all
Smoke good, ride minks, from big and tall
50 feet up in the air, walking with the birds
If you wanna watch me, buy binoculars
I smurf out on you, my dime is so blue
If you only had a smurfing clue
You and your crew would probably, Watch me

Till this song is through
Now I’m halfway to Cali hood to Brooklyn zoo
Coast to coast here from snoop-dizzle to some Malaw-shit, Watch
Now that’s some real shit, You can feel shit
I’m running out of shit to say so just, Watch me-he
Get on some Opp it’s surely
Loosing my mind like some foreign-carbon-no navigation
Bolts-and-screws-leaving-my-head-loose while-they-all, Watch me (Ha)

It’s no occasion, A-day is amazing Gucci flip flops I ain't even on
My neighbours all, Watch me
They be pacing, outside my window just cold, shaking
While I’m inside, breakfast, bacon... Rockstar, Watch me
Lifestyle, might don’t make it, receptor cold waste it,
No Milly-Vanilla here, we all get *chocolate wasted*, Watch me
Take a song about nothing, Turn it into something
Rap about nothing, get it to the end and make you watch it again...
Watch. (watch)

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