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Drivin' N' Cryin' – Ain't It Strange lyrics

Here's the lyrics to Ain't it Strange
I saw two people kissing on the street today
Holding hands and promising there be no end
I saw two people hugging on the street today
As if there would not be no yesterday
And oh how they must think it is
To be
An adult just like a kid
Living off my black and white
And adding color to my life
I saw a man looking at a lot today
Thought how he could use it in so many ways
Like tearing up your parking lot to build a house
So you'll just have to park your Vol
Vo somewhere else
And oh how they must think it is
To be an adult just like a kid
Tearing up a parking lot
To build a home, to build a house
Ain't it strange...(4 times)
I saw two people dancing in the constant rain
Getting soaked and doing all th
Ey really can
Getting soaked and pretending they're in Hollywood
Doing all they really can and all they could
But oh how they must think it's strange
Standing out in the pouring rain
Come in where it's warm and dry
Come in where it's warm and dry
I s
Aw a man singing on the street today
Singing songs he wrote about the ways today
How people walking by think he has got some nerve
He's singing in the street and singing on a curve
But oh how they must think it is
To be an adult just like a kid
Living off black and whites
And adding color to my life
Ain't it strange(4)
Man walking plain
Strange all days
Forever way..
Ain't it strange.....
Sam White
C2mxwhi@fre. Fsu. Umd. Edu
Now if it is deemed necessary that I forfeit
My life for the furtherance of the ends of justice,
And mingle my blood with my children, and with the
Blood of millions in this slave-holding country
Whose rights are disregarded by wicked, cruel, and
Unjust enactments, I say let it be done.
-John Brown

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