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Drive-by Truckers – Decoration Day lyrics

It抯 Decoration Day.
And I抳e a mind to roll a stone on his grave.
But what would he say.
揔eeping me down, boy, won抰 keep me away

It抯 Decoration Day.
And I knew the Hill Boys would put us away,
But my Daddy wasn抰 afraid.
He said 揥e抣l fight till the last Lawson抯 last living day

I never knew how it all got started
A problem with Holland before we were born
And I don抰 know the name of that boy we tied down
And beat till he just couldn抰 walk anymore.
But I know the caliber in Daddy抯 chest
And I know what Holland Hill drives.
The state let him go, but I guess it was best
Cause nobody needs all us Lawsons alive.

Daddy said one of the boys had come by
The Lumber Man抯 favorite son.
He said, 揃eat him real good but don抰 dare let him die
And if you see Holland Hill run.
Now I said, 搕hey ain抰 give us trouble no more
That we ain抰 brought down on ourselves
But a chain on my back and my ear to the floor
And I抣l send all the Hill Boys to hell.

It抯 Decoration Day
And I抳e got a family in Mobile Bay
And they抳e never seen my Daddy抯 grave.
But that don抰 bother me, it ain抰 marked anyway.
Cause I got dead brothers in Lauderdale south
And I got dead brothers in east Tennessee.
My Daddy got shot right in front of his house
He had noone to fall on but me.

It抯 Decoration Day
And I抳e got a mind to go spit on his grave.
If I was a Hill, I抎 have put him away
And I抎 fight till the last Lawson抯 last living day.
I抎 fight till the last Lawson抯 last living day.
I抎 fight till the last Lawson抯 last living day.

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