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Down By Law – Call To Arms lyrics

Rejoice in your naivete boy, cause it's all gone for me
I know we lived on stupid dreams; it was all we had you see
But when the balance totters there's no time for starry eyes
Clear your thoughts to earn the good life and then I'll call you wise
Now in the end I predict that you'll be just like me
Cause only the foolish or the blind don't want a new T. V.
And you won't want to haunt the thrift stores when you're old and gray
You'd better earn a packet now for all those lonely days
I see the fire in your eyes and I wish you all the best
But if you want to stay in my world put all of the that to rest
There it is, I've said it, now the rest is up to you
Things were great when we were young; now march with me, it's through
If you could only see things my way, then you'd know I'm right!
I believe you can hold on and live life in ways you choose
Confusion and my desperation are far too dear to lose
If all of this meant nothing then you've wasted all that time
But I can't un-tattoo my life, and that's the bottom line
I'm not stupid and I know that everyone plays the game
But how far you go on prefab terms is where we're not the same
Don't want to live my life today for when I'm 65
If we all make it that far, dear god I'll be surprised
Anyway the point is this: I too wish you the best
But when I walk down city streets I don't feel like the rest
Don't worry; I won't wave a red flag or march on the city square
Somewhere between revolution and you, you'll find me there
If you could only see things my way, then you'd know I'm right!

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