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Doug Anthony All Stars – My Baby's Gone To Jail lyrics

My baby's gone to jail
She won't be out for quite a while
My baby's gone to jail
Cos she set fire to my child
Do you know what she did?
She charcoal grilled the kid
Then got a butane lighter
To ignite the little shit!

All I'm saying is
I think she's a psychopath
She threw a radiator
Into my sister' bath
And I'm just praying
Must I paint a picture?
All I'm hoping is
That they don't convict her
My baby's gone to jail

She reads books to me
By the Marquis de Sade
I'd like to reprimand her
But it's always hard
And she's a sado-masochist
An anarchistic and arsonist
Manic depressive Dalinist
And she gets worse when she gets premenstrual

All I'm saying is
She needs psychiatric care
She swallowed razor blades
In truth or dare
And all I'm saying is
Hey! Give her a break!
You all know that
We've all made mistakes
So what?
So what?

If they use the noose
They'll crack her pretty neck
They'll singe her hair
If she goes to the chair.
And although she cut my Ovaltine with crack -
I want her back!

My baby's gone to jail
She may be doing life
She took a twelve gauge shotgun
And blew away my wife
I'll beg the judge to join her
In a six foot cell
Cos cruising singles bars
Is worse than hell!

All I'm saying is
She's got this jealous streak
Saw my woman and
Man, she really freaked.
Took that chainsaw of love
To say we're through
Cut off my wedding ring
And took my finger, too

My baby's gone to jail
My baby's gone
My baby's gone to jail
My baby's gone
My baby's gone to jail
My baby's gone
So what! ?

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