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Dondria – I Love You lyrics

Yea- aaaaeee, ohhhhhh ohhhhh
Ohh o iooohhhhh, noooo nooo oh oooh
Mmm mmmh mmm hmm

[Verse 1:]
Have I ever told you just why I love you (have I ever told you how much I love you)
You're the air I breathe when I'm with you I feel brand newww, (air that I breathe when I am with you I feel brand neww)
Your the kind of guy every girl thinks about (in her day dreams)
I wanna spend the rest of my life with you babyyyy

I don't want to be with another man
You are all I need baby just take my hand
I love yoiu so much I just can't take it
I'm giving you my all I know we can make it
I love you boy I put no one before you no words to express how much I adore you (how much I adore youuuu
You are amazing you got my heart racing I can't get you off of my minid(all the timeee)
Boy I put no one before you(no one before youuuu) no words to express how much I adore you, (heyyyyy you are amazin)
You got my heart racing, I think about you all the time

[Verse 2:]
Everytime I think about my baby (my knees get weak)
Everytime I think about our love (I just can't speak)
Of all the happiness and joy I feel baby you make me wanna walk down an aisle and say I doo
Cause I love you (I love you)
There's not enought words to express how much I really do
You are my sunshine my smile I give you my heart and my soul
Take it cause boy I Love youuuuuu

[Chorus: with ad libs]

[Until end]

[Ad libs:]
All the time
Ohhhh I love you
Noo one be forre youuu
You are ama-aazinnn
I lovee you boy I put noone before you... No words to express how mych I adooore youu
You're so amazing you got my heart racingg I can't get you off of my miiind...

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